JRB is an independent organization established in 1987. We provide nationwide services for Coordinate Measurement Machine (CMM) users. We also have a wide variety of services and products provided by our experienced and professional service engineers.
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JRB Service
We service almost all makes and models! Boice, Brown & Sharpe, Elm Systems, Giddings & Lewis, Hansford / Starrett, Mitutoyo, Zeiss/Numerex, Portage / Sheffield and others.

New Equipment Sales
JRB has a great selection of new and used inventory for sale. We carry a variety of Brown & Sharpe, Ferranti, Zeiss/Numerex and Cordax among other equipment manufacturers.

Calibration Services

  • Machine cleaning.
  • Machine squareness is checked to master square or B89 Ball Bar test pattern.
  • Length standards for linear positional errors and characterization.
  • Certified calibration equipment traceable to NIST including Laser or Step Gage.
    These are some of the services we offer, learn more.

    Preventative Maintenance

  • Component level electronic trouble-shooting.
  • Reader Head alignment with Oscilloscope.
  • Servo offset checked and adjusted to prevent drift.
  • Air pressure and air lines checked for contamination by oil or water vapor, and for proper flow.
  • Bearing lift checked to prevent axis scoring and repeatability errors, extending machine life.
  • Parts replacement and or repair available.
  • Consultation to eliminate any observed environmental disturbances affecting machine performance.
  • Retrofit & Upgrade Services
    QCT-3d measuring software has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of today's CMM users.

  • Electronic and wiring retrofits
  • Hardware updating
  • Probing system retrofits such as PH9 additions, and other probe accessories
  • Scale and/or reader replacement or repair for CMM's, as well as milling machines, grinders, etc.

    CMM Relocation Service
    We will prepare your CMM for the move to eliminate machine damage, protect readers to prevent scale damage, etc., securing the machine to proper position for shipping.
    We will supervise the actual move to the new location
    At the new locale, your CMM will be positioned and restored to its best possible performance, with calibration services provided

    Pre-Installation Consultation
    Installation site will be checked for possible vibration disturbances, power disruptions, and air quality variances.
    We will offer recommendations on any observed or potential problems detected.

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