Click to get the Accessories PDF The full printable Accessories brochure is available online. The brochure contains information on accessories and the specifications and applications of the following list and more.

Manual Autojoint Probe Stand
Renishaw ’s Manual Autojoint Probe Stand (MAPS) is a low cost storage rack capable of holding up to six combinations of probes,extension bars and accessories.

The Autojoint
The essential feature of any of the Renishaw Autochange systems is the Autojoint itself. This is a highly repeatable kinematic joint, one half of which is attached to the probe head,the other is attached to an adaptor,extension bar or probe.

Gram Gauge
Renishaw supplies a gram gauge for you to adjust,reset and check probe trigger force settings on all standard Renishaw CMM touch trigger probes.

Machine Checking Gauge
Special calibrated stylus can be used with TP1,TP2, TP20,TP6,TP6A,MIP and PH50 with suitable adaptors.

Universal Datum Sphere
The Renishaw universal datum sphere complements the performance of manual and fully automated CMMs.

AM1 Adjustment Module for Phiomami
The AM1 adjustment module has been designed for use with the PH6M and MIH manual probe heads and the PH10M motorised probe head.It provides quick and accurate angular alignment of the motorised probe head with the CMMs axes and/or the Autochange rack.

Autochange System
Renishaw ’s Autochange equipment is the world ’s first integrated CMM probe exchange system.

Autochange Rack ACR1 with Adjustable Base

Autochange Controller ACC2-2

M8 Extension Bars

Knuckle Joint

Autochange Extension Bars

Click to get the CMM Shanks PDF Shanks are used to mount the probe head to the quill of the machine. The shanks detailed in this brochure are suitable for all Renishaw manual and motorised probe heads (including PH6), as well as TP1 and MIP probes. The correct shank must be chosen to suit the mounting facility of your CMM.
Click here to download the Shanks brochure.
Click to get the Contact Scanning Probes PDF The probes enable a CMM to gather large amounts of data very rapidly for inspection or digitising purposes. The probe offers axis movement of 1mm in each direction (X,Y and Z) with stylus lengths up to 200mm, and may be orientated to any angle using a Renishaw PH10M motorised head.
Click here to download the Contact Scanning Probe brochure.
Click to get the Contact Trigger Probes PDF The TP200 probe system combines outstanding metrology performance with superior functionality to produce a highly versatile DCC CMM probing system.

TP200 features

  • Excellent repeatability
  • Precision 3D form measurement
  • Stylus reach up to 100mm
  • Module life of 10 million triggers
  • Compact size
  • Compatible with the full range of Renishaw probe heads and accessories
Click here to download the Contact Trigger Probe brochure.
Click to get the PDF PHC10-2 head control receives instructions from the CMM controller. The PHC10-2 controls the head functions and reports system status to the CMM.

The HCU1 is a portable head drive and position display unit for use with PHC50 and PHC10-2 . It is invaluable for setting up a component,operator controlled inspection and teach-cycle programming.

Interfaces and Controllers PDF Document

Click to get the Manual Probe Head PDF The manual indexable head (MIH) is a versatile manual probe head. The MIH has programmable, indexable probe positions using 7.5º increments and has an autojoint probe mount for fast repeatable probe changing. These features can increase the productivity of a manual CMM.

Click here to download the Manual Probe Head PDF Document

Click to get the Motorised Probe Head PDF The Renishaw servo positioning head is a 2 axis motorised head with continuous servo drive enabling the probe configuration to be positioned at almost any angle.

The PHS1 is designed to meet the arduous requirements of “body in white ”measurement where fine angular positioning and long reach are needed,combined with the use of scanning probes.

Other models and types can be found fully documented in our online brochure.

Click here to download the Motorised Probe Head PDF Document

Click to get the Non-Contact Trigger Probe PDF The OTP6M optical trigger probe system utilises a visible laser spot (Class 2) to provide a non-contact inspection solution for use on CMMs.

The system comprises a Wolf & Beck laser probe (OTP6-LD), which operates using the optical triangulation principle, and a Renishaw interface (OPI 6).

The system can be used to measure pliable or delicate materials as the sensing beam causes no distortion of the surface. It is easily retrofitted to standard touch trigger probe applications

It provides repeatable Z-axis measurements and has edge-triggering capability.

Click here to download the Non-Contact Trigger Probe PDF Document

Click to get the Styli PDF Renishaw ’s stylus range covers several different types of stylus,each suitable for different applications.

Stylus Types

  • Ruby ball styli
  • Disc styli
  • Star styli
  • Cylinder styli
  • Pointer styli
  • Ceramic hollow ball styli
Get the full RENSHAW Styli PDF here. This PDF contains a brief summary of Renishaw ’s comprehensive range of probe styli. Refer to the Styli and Accessories PDF for further details.


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