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QCT-2000 measuring software has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of today's CMM users and is equally at home both on CMM shop floor applications and in the standards room where a CMM needs to offer up-to-date technology for wide ranging measurement applications.

QCT-2000 is text and graphic menu driven making it 'user friendly' for beginners, buy can also be used by the more experienced user with simple two digit codes for faster operation.
The use of graphically presented menus allow the user to make selections using a mouse pointer without the need to use the keyboard, but the keyboard shortcut codes are still active if required. The graphic presentation simplifies the use of QCT-2000 for the first time user.

Functions include:

  • Full colour graphics, Windows type operating environment
  • Operator selections using text or graphic menus, function keys, highlighters or two digit codes for high speed operation.
  • 3d Element Measurement Functions, Points, Circles, Planes, Lines, Cylinders, Cones, etc.
  • Alignment Functions, Primary Plane, Secondary Axes, Datums, Rotations, Live Help Graphics, etc.
  • Form Measurement and Component Graphics.
  • Calculations - Distance, Cartesian, Polar, 3d Angles, Projection, Compound.
  • Geometric Tolerancing, Angularity, Parallelism, Squareness, Concentricity, True Positions.
  • Constructions, Intersections, Symmetry, Theoretical, etc.
  • Print Facilities, Graphics, Text, Headers, Input fields, Flexible report formats.
  • Digitising for CAD/CAM applications, etc.
  • File Storage, Report Database, Basic Statistics.
  • Help Screens, Operator Help Text.
  • Programming, Teach, Edit, Offline, etc.
  • Many more functions
Form Measuring Graphics
As the element is measured the user is presented with a numeric and graphical representation on the screen for easier interpretation and a more meaningful result. The graphic display can also be printed and is used in conjunction with the measurement report.

The Best only Gets better
QCT's ongoing program of software support and updates means that your machine will never be out of date. All software updates and support are free we only ask you use QCT for your maintenance & annual service of your CMM. You will find our maintenance cost's are very reasonable at usually 50% less than the major CMM manufactures.


Numerous features can be constructed either using previously measured elements or theoretically through keyboard input. The constructions can then be used to enable results to be output to the printed report in exactly the specification required. Constructed features are usually based on either Intersections, Symmetry, Projections or Theoretical. All measurements and calculations can be printed as Actual Dimensions of Toleranced.

    • Cartesian, Polar, 3d
    • Text output
    • Headers using own format (built in editor)
    • Flexible Report Formats
    • Graphic output on, Plane Circle Measurements
    • Full Components Graphics
    • Text input fields
    • Date and time autoprint
    • Colour print options
    • Out of tolerance features in red
    • Instruction lists printouts
Collection of XYZ points for transfer to other systems such as QCT-Profile, Cad, Cam, etc. Using flexible formatting data can be changed to suit various systems.

Pattern Alignments
Commonly used component alignment procedures are simplified by presenting them graphically showing the user which features are to be measured, which order to take the points in and then automatically setting the components alignment.



Live Alignment Graphics
This feature provides a 3d graphic representation of the alignment of the component being measured against the machine axes.

The user will see the component set-up and have a better understanding of the position, therefore axis rotations can be executed with confidence.


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